Entry #1

EuroGunz Sountrack

2011-02-19 17:38:47 by CloudDJ

I've just suggested my music to EuroGunz soundtrack.
This is the post: http://forum.euro-gunz.eu/showthread.p hp?69109-EuroGunz-Soundtrack-Suggestio n

This is for you Salpic, and anyone who doesn't believe i am the real DJ Cloud.


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2011-04-16 08:55:09

I think that nocturne should be added to the list.


2011-06-15 23:08:27

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2011-11-25 12:56:50

Escape, Flying and Nocturne. My favorites, I think you deserve those!!!! Really hope that you will make more music Noam...

- Octrox